Tony Cardenas Bio and Family

Meet Tony Cárdenas

A native of Pacoima, in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Tony  is proud to represent his community. The youngest of 11 brothers and sisters, his parents were first-generation Americans who worked hard to provide for their family. Tony would go on to attend UC Santa Barbara, receiving a degree in engineering before returning to the Valley to make his home.

Elected to public office in 1996, he was the first Latino to represent the Valley in California’s State Legislature. His parents proudly watched as their son raised his right hand and promised to represent his home.

Using his experience as a small businessman, Tony pursued reforms that made Los Angeles more business friendly. Cutting through red tape and working across the aisle, he helped create the largest number of jobs seen by the Valley in more than five years.

Following his time in Sacramento, Tony won election to the Los Angeles City Council where he served for ten years. He passed landmark legislation to prevent kids from joining gangs and funded Los Angeles’ first Animal Cruelty Task Force, protecting animals affected by violence and bringing their abusers to justice.

Now in Congress, the same goals that drove Tony Cárdenas to represent the San Fernando Valley, in Sacramento and at City Hall, drive his work in Washington. Tony is working hard to solve the critical problems that face our nation and to build coalitions and consensus around these aims. By rebuilding the middle class and bringing those in the shadows of our nation into the light, we will create the next wave of American innovation and supercharge our economy.

After each weekly session of Congress, Tony returns home to the Valley, where he resides with his family which includes his wife, Norma, and their children.