The Gender Pay Gap

A stack of Dollars to represent Gender Pay inequalityCárdenas: Gender Pay Disparity is Not Only Morally Wrong, it is Bad Economics

WASHINGTON, DCCongressman Tony Cárdenas (CA-29) releases the following statement following the United States Women’s national soccer team World Cup win yesterday:

“Yesterday, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) won the World Cup championship title and, in the moments following the celebration, I could not help but wonder how unfair the system is that allows for the players of the team to be paid less than their male counterparts purely based on sex. The USWNT generates more revenue than the men’s team, yet they are paid far less than the players on the men’s national soccer team. But this is one example of a much larger injustice in our country when it comes to pay inequity. The gender pay gap is not only morally wrong, but it’s also bad economics.

Today, women in America make only 80 cents to every dollar her male counterpart earns. The pay gap is even wider for Latina women, who earn 53 cents to every dollar. When women are paid less, it hurts families, communities, and our economy. It is unconscionable that in 2019 women are still not compensated fairly.  It is time that women are paid equally for equal work and that’s why I am proud to be a cosponsor of the Paycheck Fairness Act.”

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