Tony Cardenas in the News: Additional Funds Requested for Communities Hit Hardest by Coronavirus

“Black and brown people are being hurt the most by the coronavirus pandemic. I am proud that members on both sides of the aisle are putting politics aside to support our most vulnerable and speak out on behalf of those who are often left behind,” Tony Cardenas

This week’s article in THE HILL explains why Tony Cardenas has asked for increased funding for a series of programs and initiatives that have been shown to improve outcomes for underserved communities. Read the full article here.

Tony Cardenas wants to make sure all businesses get the funds they need to survive Covid19

Tony Cardenas believes there’s an important provision Congress must consider regarding PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) Loans.

The state of California has received the largest amount of dollars of PPP at $33 billion, approved for over 112,000 loans, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. But based the intel he has received, small minority owned and women owned businesses aren’t getting the funds they deserve.

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Why SOME U.S. born children do not qualify for relief benefits during the COVID19 Epidemic

About 31 percent of U.S. born Hispanics and 45 percent of immigrants saying they did not receive their first stimulus check. Why? The Trump administration decided that if there is one member of the family with an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), then the whole family, including U.S. -born children do not qualify to receive relief money to feed the family. This means that EVEN THOUGH taxes were paid, benefits were not received!

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El nuevo sistema de votación en Los Angeles

Como ustedes saben, las elecciones primarias ya han comenzado. Ahora más que nunca, es importante que use su voz y ejerza su derecho de votar este Martes 3 de Marzo. Mientras usted y sus amigos y familiares se preparan para
participar en este importante deber cívico, es crucial que conozca la nueva experiencia de votación en el condado de Los Angeles.

Los votantes en el condado de Los Angeles ahora tendrán once (11) días consecutivos para votar en persona en CUALQUIER Centro de votación en todo el condado. Para mantenerse actualizado sobre SU nuevo centro de votación
para las elecciones primarias presidenciales del 3 de marzo.

Haga clic  aquí o llame al Registrador del Condado de Los Angeles al (800)815-2666.

También hay un video instructivo debajo que detalla el nuevo
sistema de votación.

Gracias y asegúrese de salir y votar por las elecciones primarias
del 3 de marzo.

The truth about Tony Cardenas

Tony Cardenas has served the San Fernando Valley for decades. He was born in the Pacoima and remains a proud Valley resident. This page features a collection of videos that we have found from his years in congress as well as from his years on the Los Angeles City Council.

Tony Cardenas visits a family who is fighting for immigration reform. Tony is the son of immigrants from Mexico. He will continue encourage the undocumented to keep preparing their legal documents. And he will continue to support reform.

Our veterans deserve our appreciation. As a council member, Tony hosted a Veteran’s Day event every year. At these events, Vets shared stories of past wars. There were meals shared just before the candlelight vigils in honor of the troops. Tony still supports Vets with the bills he introduces, and he continues to pray for all in service to come home safely. He is forever thankful for their service to us all.

Tony Cardenas is a University of California graduate. Here he talks about something you rarely hear in congress. Love. Tony Cardenas loves his wife and family, and he is proud to say so. These are the values that have kept him a humble servant of the people of the San Fernando Valley.

In this video Tony Cardenas helps a struggling family find out why a monthly utility bill was significantly inflated to over $2000. As the family considers dipping into a small savings to pay the abnormal amount, Cardenas gets down to the bottom of red tape and “passing the buck” bureaucracy. Tony Cardenas has always fought for families in the San Fernando Valley and he always will.

You don’t have to look too far to find out exactly what Tony Cardenas stands for. His endorsements come from the places that support the issues that matter in his neighborhood and in the nation.