A Covid19 Safety reminder from Tony Cardenas

Now that the US is starting to reopen across the country, state governments and local health officials are instituting measures to help keep us safe. One of the ways we can all help slow the risk of coronavirus spread is to wear a face mask.

In L.A. County: Everyone is asked to wear a face covering when they are interacting with others who are not members of their household in public and private spaces. 

All Angelenos, except for young children and people with certain disabilities, should make or purchase cloth face coverings to wear over their mouths and noses. Face coverings should be cleaned after each use.

Some people are having a hard time with face masks and feel that the state mandates infringe on freedom. We want to share a tweet US Surgeon General Adams wrote on Sunday morning.

For more information please visit https://covid19.lacounty.gov/